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(GADI) Grootfontein Agricultural Development Institute Institutional Profile

About (GADI) Grootfontein Agricultural Development Institute

Contact/Location: 27 498421477

Private Bag X529,

Middelburg 5900, South Africa       Established: 1911 - -

In 1903 the British War Department purchased certain portions of the farms Grootfontein, Leeufontein, Bultfontein and De Poort - with a combined area of 10 847 hectare - for the purpose of a military camp and training centre for British troops. These portions combined, known as Grootfontein, adjoin the commonage of Middelburg, Eastern Cape Province.

When the Union of South Africa was established in 1910 the farm Grootfontein, together with some military buildings and other equipment, was purchased from the British Government for an amount of R98 000 and converted into an agricultural school and experimental station. The Grootfontein School of Agriculture was officially opened in 1911 with an enrolment of 42 students. Mr RW Thornton was the first principal of the school, assisted by fifteen professional and technical officers and an administrative personnel of six

In the course of time the number of students grew, the courses and syllabuses were progressively extended and adjusted to the requirements of the time, and the educational facilities and number of staff accordingly increased so that by 1939 Grootfontein could be given College status and become known as the Grootfontein College of Agriculture.

During the first week of October in 2001 the College was evaluated by the HEQC (Higher Education Quality Committee). Both the Higher Certificate in Agriculture, the Diploma in Agriculture and the Institute as a whole were accredited by the HEQC. This means that students who attain their certificates and diplomas, may further their qualifications (eg B.Tech), including degrees at certain Technikons.

The Grootfontein College of Agriculture is well known for its contribution in the small stock farming industry over the years. The so well established character and tradition of high standards of training and excellence is maintained and diplomats of the College are in high demand for positions in the small stock industry. The training is career orientated and students are suitably qualified and equipped to pursue a career in, not only small stock farming, but a broad spectrum of occupations in related fields.



Lectures are given in both English and Afrikaans. Not all lectures are necessarily repeated in both languages. It is therefor essential that students must be able to follow lectures in both languages. Students are free to use either language during classes while examinations and tests are conducted in both languages.




The basic task of this College is to provide in vocational agricultural education to meet the demand for technically trained manpower for the small stock farming sector and related industries.


The formal training programme offered at the College is a three year full-time programme, leading to a Diploma in Agriculture. Provision is made for an exit-level after successful completion of two years of training when a Higher Certificate in Agriculture is awarded.


The general aim of the College training programme is to provide broadly-based training in the principles, techniques and practical skills of animal production and farm management with special emphasis on the specific needs of the small stock farming sector in the extensive sheep farming areas. The fields of study in the instruction programmes include the principles and practices of small stock production, agricultural management, environmental management, crop production, agricultural engineering practices on the farm and agricultural organisation and agricultural extension.

CJS Schoonraad -

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Reports on (GADI) Grootfontein Agricultural Development Institute

(GADI) Grootfontein Agricultural Development Institute - Current Institutional Academic Staffing by Level(GADI) Grootfontein Agricultural Development Institute - Programme Enrolment Trends
Details on (GADI) Grootfontein Agricultural Development Institute
Student Capacity: 120
Annual Budget: US$614,000
Average Annual Fees: US$472
Average textbook age: 20
Computers for students: 30
Is field work / study part of the curriculum: yes
Percentage of time students spend in practicums: 40
Do lecturers/professors have have internet access: yes
Do students have internet access: yes

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