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Haramaya University Institutional Profile

About Haramaya University

Contact/Location: +251-025-5530053

Private Box 73

P.O.Box 138

Dire Dawa, Ethiopia       Established: 1954 - -

The Haramaya University College of Agriculture, the then Alemaya College of Agriculture, was established in 1954, following the very idea of establishing a college education in Ethiopia that started in late 1940s and the beginning of 1950s. The noble idea of developing high-level manpower in agricultural sciences and technology was felt to be of utmost urgency for the dominantly agrarian Ethiopian society. In this connection, the then Imperial Ethiopian Board of Education decided early in 1952 to start a four-year degree program in agricultural education.

To this effect, in 1950 Oklahoma Agriculture and Mechanical College (OAMC) president, Dr. Henry G.Bennett, visited Ethiopia upon Emperor H/Selassie’s invitation to explore the possibility of establishing an agricultural college. After assessing the then educational programs, he proposed the dire need for an agricultural college which was enthusiastically accepted by the Emperor. In fact, Dr. Bennett was appointed in December 1950 to preside over the process of establishing the would be agricultural college; unfortunately, Dr. Bennett passed away in an airplane crash on a similar mission in the Middle East in the following year.

On June 16, 1951 Ethiopia signed an agreement with Point Four Technical Cooperation, USA, and on May 16, 1952 an agreement between the Technical Cooperation Administration (TCA) and Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College was signed to carry out the foundation of an agricultural college/university in Ethiopia on behalf of the US Government. On August 17, 1952 an advance group of six senior staff members of Oklahoma State University (OSU) arrived in Addis Ababa to set in motion the program. First, the Jimma Agricultural and Technical School was opened with eight students on October 15,1952 to serve mainly as a source of the future college enrollees and as an interim site for the would be Imperial Ethiopian College of Agriculture and Mechanical Arts (IECAMA), later called Alemaya College of Agriculture (ACA). Both high school and college education in agricultural sciences started in Jimma premises. Then the first college classes began in September 1953 with an intake of fourteen freshman students from those who had completed high school courses in agriculture from Jimma. After the first batch attended their college classes in Jimma as well as in Addis Ababa premises, they were transferred to Alemaya Campus in 1956, and eleven students completed their studies in the summer of 1957, and were granted BSc degrees in general agriculture at a convocation ceremony held on the new premises, Alemaya Campus, in January 1958. In fact, Emperor H/Selassie I inaugurated Alemaya campus in the same month, January 1958.

The Alemaya College of Agriculture functioned as a chartered member of the Addis Ababa University until May 27, 1985 when it was upgraded to a full-fledged University of Agriculture. Then, after three decades of rich experience, Alemaya University of Agriculture was further upgraded to a multi-disciplinary University in 1996, and it was renamed as Alemaya University (AU) in 1996 and Haramaya University (HU) in 2006. As a result, the College of Agriculture resumed functioning as one College of the Haramaya University.

Faculties / Schools 

Reports on Haramaya University

Haramaya University - Current Institutional Academic Staffing by LevelHaramaya University - Current Institutional Programme SummariesHaramaya University - Programme Enrolment Trends
Details on Haramaya University
Student Capacity: 1200
Annual Budget: US$6,000,000
Average Annual Fees: US$350
Curriculum last updated: September 2008
Staff Vacancies: 25
Computers for students: 100
Is field work / study part of the curriculum: yes
Percentage of time students spend in practicums: 50
Number of microscope available to students: 20
Number of lecturers/professor trained outside country: 23
Percentage of professional staff time spent on research: 25
Do lecturers/professors have have internet access: yes
Do students have internet access: yes

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